Why would I call Watermark Interim Executive?

  • You need a gap filled urgently

    🔹 Backfill a C-Suite role

    🔹 Caretaker role

    🔹 New business set up

    🔹 Restructure with an expert

    🔹 Unique skills for a point in time

    🔹 Interim to Permanent

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    You need a problem solved

    🔹 Business transformation

    🔹 Free up a senior leader

    🔹 Adding skills to the current executive team to help them deliver

    🔹 Capability or capacity not available in-house

    🔹 Grow an area of the business or the business as a whole

    🔹 Succession planning

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    You want to win the War for Talent

    🔹 Executives are reconsidering how they wish to work

    🔹 Rather than exiting the workforce completely, many more executives are now considering an Interim Executive career

    🔹 The Interim Executive pool brings a whole new cohort of talent to the market

    🔹 They have many years’ experience, deep subject matter expertise, are immediately available and ready to embed very quickly to transform organisations effectively