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Watermark Interim Executive in The Job Hunting Podcast

Watermark Search’s Jacinta Whelan along with Adam Neyenhuys, a Partner at True Search, went live with Renata Bernarde, Coach and Job Hunting Podcaster. It was an open, free flowing and fun conversation on "Who to call first when you need a new job: Recruiter or Career Coach?"

This conversation is perfect for executives who are looking for their next role and answers many important questions such as:

  • What is the role of a recruiter?

  • What is the role of a career coach?

  • What should I do before I ring a recruiter?

  • What should I do before I go to market?

  • What is the process of finding a role?

  • How do recruiters deal with flicking between clients becoming candidates and vice versa?

  • How can a career coach help you flick your mindset from client to candidate and vice versa?

  • What is the difference between positional power and reputation?

  • How do I create and own my personal brand?

  • Should I apply for roles directly with the employer or go through a recruiter?

    • What is the difference between these two routes?

  • What are the benefits of having good relationships with recruiters?

  • What are the benefits of networking?

  • Why am I getting shortlisted so often but not landing any roles?

  • Why is it so difficult to get a job back in your own country after being overseas and how can I overcome this?

  • What are the most important things to focus on and have defined yourself before calling a recruiter?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions and are an executive looking for or considering a new role, please watch the full discussion below:

If you would like to talk to us about how we can assist you to find your next role, please contact us.