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Webinar - Foresight Meets Strategy: Empowering Individuals and Executives for the Future

​“Be brave about the future and approach it with some curiosity.”
“Imagine your future and take those small steps that will allow you to experiment.”

In a recent Watermark webinar led by futurist, Diana Wu David, we were taken on a captivating journey into the realm of future possibilities.

Diana began with a compelling narrative, painting a picture of what life might look like for a child born in 2032, grounded in today's technological advancements and emerging trends. She then swiftly brought the discussion back to the present, emphasising the importance for both individuals and companies to prepare for the rapid pace of change ahead.

So, how can one "future-proof" themselves?

For companies, Diana advocates for forward thinking and imagining the future embedded in current trends. This involves reimagining processes and considering what changes are necessary within the company to align with future possibilities. Crucially, she emphasises the need for champions of these new possibilities to drive the transformation forward, supported by a strategic framework. One actionable step for companies is to engage in foresight traditions, such as the reimagining process, envisioning what customers might look like in a decade and developing signals groups to predict and experiment with future trends. These groups meet regularly to explore assumptions and drive discovery-driven planning, ultimately bringing people together around possible futures for the company.

For individuals, Diana's insights are equally valuable. She delves into strategies for navigating the changing landscape, urging individuals to forecast out 20 years and identify necessary skills for success in their industry. The key is to reverse engineer one's path, identifying areas of interest and experimenting with different opportunities. But how does one sift through the overwhelming amount of information and make sense of it all? Diana advises narrowing focus to one area each year that adds value to your future prospects. This might involve taking classes, exploring new technologies, or testing assumptions about emerging trends.

At the heart of Diana's message is the call to embrace change with courage and curiosity. Whether for individuals or organisations, the future holds endless possibilities for those willing to adapt and explore. By taking small, intentional steps and continually experimenting, we can future proof ourselves and our careers.

To watch the full webinar recording, please see below:

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