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Webinar - HR future-focused transformation: HR trends challenging existing people strategies in organisations

​"You absolutely do the best webinars - that with Alec just now was excellent and so much food for thought to underpin my own work and thinking - simply the best webinar anywhere for a long while – so rich in insights" – Mal Anderson, Attendee

The future of work is here NOW!

Watermark Search loved hosting this webinar with guest speaker Alec Bashinsky, a strategic business thinker/innovator, FOW specialist and current APAC Partner for the Josh Bersin Company. Alec had attendees on the hook from the very beginning with his data-driven information, clear and visual slides and thought-provoking and creative ideas. He really got attendees thinking about “HR future-focused transformation: HR trends challenging existing people strategies in organisations”.

The main points of the webinar are below:

  • 2022 And Beyond: What Has Happened

  • The “New” Future of Work

    • An Unprecedented War for Talent

    • Quit Rate At All Time High

    • The Big Transformations Of Our Lifetime

    • Enter Human-Centered Leadership

  • What HR Needs To Do

    • 2022 Predictions

    • Dealing With The New World

    • Trust Is The New Business Currency

    • Where Do We Start?

    • What Matters Most?

    • The Irresistible Organization

  • Skills, Capabilities, Growth

    • Understanding Jobs, Roles, Skills, and Capabilities

    • What Are Power Skills? The Skills of Success

  • Your New Role In HR and Leadership

    • The HR Role Has Radically Changed

    • Four Levels Of Maturity in HR

    • HR Capability Project: The Full Stack HR Professional

    • Evolution of HR Structure

    • A New HR Operating Model Has Emerged

A full recording of this webinar is below:


If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series then please contact one of the team today