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Webinar - Advisory Boards: State of the Market 2023

"The roles we need in the future don't even exist yet"
"It will only get bigger and bigger"
"It is about bringing the outside in"

In Watermark's most popular webinar, Louise Broekman, founder of the Advisory Board Centre, discussed the trends in the global Advisory Board sector with the newly released 2023 State of the Market Report.

Louise provided insights into why advisory boards are the hot new trend in business and governance today. She explained that the wave of continual growth in advisory boards has left a new high-water mark and the surging use of these problem solving/thinking systems are supporting leaders carefully navigate the future and how decisions are being made.

Louise went through the 2023 State of the Market Report and discussed the many reasons it is of value to a range of interest groups including Advisory Board practitioners, corporate entities, founders and business owners and government, banking sector, funders (private equity and venture capital) and industry bodies.

​To watch the full recording of the session, please see below:

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