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Webinar - Revolutionise Your Executive Job Search with AI: The Power of ChatGPT

​"Always be nice to AI. Thank me in 20 years :)" - Renata Bernarde

Executives! Are you eager to revolutionise your job search and turbocharge your career? Look no further! Watermark Search recently hosted an electrifying webinar with guest speaker Renata Bernarde, Executive Career Coach and Job Hunting Expert. Discover the groundbreaking power of ChatGPT, the AI assistant that can take your executive job search to extraordinary heights. Get ready to be inspired!

Revolutionise Your Executive Job Search with AI: The Power of ChatGPT

Summary of the session below:

Part 1 - The Impact of Technology on Recruitment & Selection

We explored how AI technology, especially ChatGPT, is reshaping the landscape of recruitment and selection. With AI-powered Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) the norm, employers are automating the hiring process, sifting through thousands of resumes in a flash. Don't let this AI advantage intimidate you; instead, embrace ChatGPT's transformative capabilities to stand out in the digital crowd.

Part 2 - How You Can Use ChatGPT to Secure a New Job

Ready to witness the magic of ChatGPT in action? During our webinar, we unveiled the secrets of ChatGPT and demonstrated how it can be your ultimate ally in securing your dream executive position. Renata talks about and shows examples of:

  1. Document Creation - Watch as ChatGPT assists in crafting captivating resumes and cover letters that leave a lasting impression on recruiters.

  2. Interview Preparation - Be amazed as ChatGPT simulates interviews, generates responses to common questions, and provides feedback to boost your interview skills.

  3. Job Searching – ChatGPT can recommend opportunities tailored precisely to your career objectives.

  4. Continuous Learning - ChatGPT can guide you in learning new skills and staying updated with market trends.

Part 3 - Beyond AI Assistance

While ChatGPT is an unparalleled asset in your job search, we emphasise the human touch that remains irreplaceable. During our webinar, we highlight essential aspects where AI can't replace you, including market intelligence, networking, executive presence, and negotiation skills. Discover the perfect balance between AI-powered efficiency and your unique human brilliance.

Ready, set, go! Armed with the knowledge gained from this webinar, take action to revolutionise your executive job search!

Our webinar summary only scratches the surface of what you'll learn by watching the full event. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the full webinar below now:

If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series, please contact one of the team today.