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Webinar - Are you ready for 2023 and the complexity that is emerging?

​“Be willing to exist in the discomfort and hold multiple answers at once”
“The main thing is to make sure the main thing remains the main thing”
“Complexity requires simplicity”
“Speak to their listening”
“Give up on the knowing”

Watermark Search - Interim Executive hosted a webinar with return guest speaker, author and thought leader, Kieran Duck. Kieran did not just talk the talk of complexity in transformation, he walked the walk in this webinar showing firsthand how simplicity is the key to complexity.

As we ramp up for 2023, we are facing so many unknowns. What is clear is that we need to be set up to respond to rapidly changing and emergent situations. But a poorly designed and executed transformation program can amplify uncertainty, waste effort, take longer than needed and negatively impact the staff involved.

In this session, Kieran covered the paradox of complexity and how, as complexity rises, many of the mechanisms that have worked well actually distract from the most important issues and reduce confidence in delivery.

Kieran firstly spoke about the trends driving up levels of complexity, both on a macro level and within an individual’s immediate context, such as:

  • Inflation, recession, and real wages

  • Climate change and sustainability

  • Access to the right staff

  • Slower decision making

Kieran then spoke about common mistakes we make in complexity:

  • We get distracted

  • Bias for action

  • More data please

  • Hold the course

He then provided practical advice on what can be done to set up programs for success and improve confidence in delivering those that are underway:

Kieran then left us with five key takeaways of what we can do now to head in the right direction:

  1. Connect with two people outside your immediate groups

  2. Focus on drawing models or building metaphors that capture the complexity

  3. One hour a week, by yourself, with a piece of paper

  4. Ask yourself which constraints are not real

  5. The main thing is to make sure the main thing remains the main thing

To watch the full recording, please see below:

If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series, please contact one of the team today.