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The Influence, Impact and Legacy of Interim Executives

​There are many reasons to engage an Interim Executive, but influence, impact, and legacy are critical factors. Interim Executives can overcome negative perceptions and fear within a team by leveraging their extensive influence and engagement skills honed over many years. Without relying on title or tenure, they must use their influencing skills to gain a team's trust immediately.

Transformational Change Leaders

Organisations should consider engaging interim professionals to lead change management projects, especially those that might face resistance or apathy towards new strategies and processes. Unlike permanent employees, interims are not bound by traditional organisational norms and can introduce change with greater freedom. Their decision-making is focused solely on the best interests of the organisation, rather than personal career advancement.

Innovative Perspectives and Novel Thinking

Interim professionals are typically hired to address specific challenges and achieve predefined objectives. However, exceptional interims extend beyond this remit, leveraging their extensive expertise to re-evaluate briefs and identify new opportunities. They approach tasks logically and practically, promoting engagement across all levels—from senior leadership to the teams executing projects. Overcoming resistance to change is a primary focus for top interims, who use proactive strategies to combat apathy and boost motivation, thereby maximising impact and progress.

Interims excel in navigating unexpected challenges, approaching them with an open mind and creative solutions. Their broad experience across various sectors allows them to customise strategies to fit the unique needs of an organisation, drawing on a wide range of insights and best practices.

Effective and Engaging Communicators

In addition to developing solutions, effective Interim Executives are adept at communicating complex ideas in a clear and comprehensible manner. They create environments where communication is open, and ideas and feedback are actively encouraged and valued. This ensures that teams feel appreciated and empowered, fostering collaboration, momentum, and resilience necessary to achieve project goals.

Rapidly building trust is essential for aligning teams during periods of transformation, and interims excel at this. They often start assignments with significant challenges and relish the opportunity to tackle these head-on.

Creators of Lasting Impact

Outstanding interims go beyond completing tasks—they drive sustainable, measurable improvements. They set clear metrics and key performance indicators from the beginning, ensuring everyone’s progress is tracked and recognised.

Exceptional interims focus on the longevity of their strategies and solutions, aiming to implement practices that endure beyond their tenure. This requires swiftly gaining a deep understanding of workplace dynamics, allowing them to deliver solutions that leave a lasting legacy.


Interim executives are influential change agents, bringing fresh perspectives, practical solutions, and effective communication skills. They drive engagement and ensure the long-term success of their initiatives, leaving a positive and enduring impact on organisations.

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