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Webinar - Leaders and LinkedIn: Is social media silence the best strategy?

“The only conversation you can influence is a conversation you’re a part of” - Roger Christie, Propel.

Social media is an inescapable reality that affects everyone, even at the leadership level. As an executive or non-executive director, find out why you should be using social media to access key audience insights, amplify organisational goals, and mitigate risk.

Watermark Search held an insightful webinar featuring Roger Christie, the founder of Propel, a digital reputation advisory firm.

Roger delved into the world of digital reputation, emphasising the profound impact of online presence and the key role LinkedIn plays in shaping how the world perceives us.

Navigating the Digital Landscape

Roger dissected the dynamics of silence versus participation on LinkedIn. Contrary to common belief, he argued that participation is less risky, shedding light on the pitfalls of staying silent. Roger also advocated for the power of listening, citing its benefits in networking, perspective-shifting, and future problem-solving.

The question of ignoring or respecting online content was also addressed. According to Roger, respect paves the way for influencing opinions, acknowledging the inevitability of social media presence in shaping perceptions. Balancing the professional and personal on digital platforms, he encouraged authenticity, stressing the importance of warmth to build trust. Lastly, the individual versus collective approach was explored, highlighting the significance of partnership and collaboration in becoming a recognised participant, getting invitations and influencing others to join the narrative.

Managing Online Risks with Propel's Five Drivers

The webinar introduced Propel's five drivers of digital reputation: Purpose, Profile, Listening, Network, and Activity. Emphasising purpose as the most important, the discussion unfolded how it not only enhances online performance but also serves as a catalyst for the subsequent four drivers. By strategically managing these elements, individuals can significantly reduce online risks and improve their digital standing.

Maximising Your Presence

Insights into LinkedIn's algorithm were unveiled, guiding participants on getting the most value from the platform. Attendees were walked through key strategies for optimal profile management, effective listening, network building, and engaging activities to enhance visibility.

Our webinar illuminated the complexities of digital reputation, providing practical insights on navigating the ever-evolving online landscape. Remember, in the digital age, you are who Google says you are, but with the right approach, you can actively shape that narrative on platforms like LinkedIn.

Please watch the full recording below:

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