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Webinar - Understanding burnout risk: Thriving in 2023 and beyond

  • Are you a leader seeking to understand where you sit on the burnout spectrum and practical strategies to perform and thrive (without a trade-off)?

  • Are you a leader seeking to find the sweet spot that integrates employee growth and retention with organisational performance, leaning into the shifting role of leaders in a VUCA world in creating an environment of wellbeing and psychological safety?

  • Are you a leader seeking insight into the emerging practices in the proactive empowerment of employees to manage their mental health and wellbeing?

If so, watch this session with guest speakers Nick Petrie – lead researcher of the Perform / Grow / Thrive project and Jamie McIver – General Manager, Australia at Adeption.

We are facing increasing complexity and volatility both within and outside of the workplace. There is an unprecedented focus and social consciousness of wellbeing in and out of the workplace, yet burnout is on the rise and overall mental health and wellbeing is declining. Ways of working have forever changed post pandemic and in the era of Industry 4.0.

In this session Nick and Jamie discussed:

  • The burnout diagnostic: using a diagnostic tool to assist attendees in understanding burnout risk for themselves.

  • Perform / Thrive / Grow project: the basis of research leading to the development of the burnout diagnostic, sharing key insights from 100’s of leaders interviewed on the topic and explored the key measures of what it means to be successful in today’s world of work & life.

  • Understand the results: factors contributing to burnout and practical inspiration on how to think differently about managing these factors.

  • Generating action: for individuals and their workplace, to create a sustainable environment for health, growth & performance.

To watch the full recording of the session, please see below:

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