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Webinar - Beyond the Payslip: Exploring the Deeper Benefits of Meaningful Work

​“We are all spending on average 90,000 hours at work in our lifetime. If we are investing that much time we have to start to think; Am I merely being or am I shifting into a space where I am actually belonging?”

Watermark recently held a webinar with guest speaker, Renee Burkinshaw, Founder and Director of Originate Coaching and Consulting. Renee unlocked the hidden treasures that lie beyond the payslip and spoke about:

Prosperity: The essential ingredients for organisational prosperity. She delved into the fascinating intersection of culture, wellbeing, inclusion, productivity, and sustainability.

Belonging and Meaning: Is it enough to clock in and collect a payslip? We think not! Renee explored the profound difference between merely being and true belonging at work. In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining top talent hinges on understanding this distinction.

Purpose: Ever wondered about your life’s purpose? We’ve got you covered! Renee introduced her research on purpose-led inclusion. Learn how to be intentional in realising your purpose, both personally and professionally.

Actionable Tips:Ready to infuse your work with purpose? Renee gave practical strategies to kickstart your journey toward a more meaningful professional life.

Listen to the full recording below to get FOUR actionable tips and start your journey to meaningful work now!

If you would like more information on our webinar series, please contact one of the team today.