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​Drawing on our Partner's and network's experience and expertise, Watermark brings you our webinar series on the most up-to-date 'hot' topics of our new world of work.

​Watermark held a webinar with guest speaker, Renee Burkinshaw, Founder and Director of Originate Coaching and Consulting. Renee unlocked the hidden treasures that lie beyond the payslip and spoke about:

Prosperity: The essential ingredients for organisational prosperity. She delved into the fascinating intersection of culture, wellbeing, inclusion, productivity, and sustainability.

Belonging and Meaning: Is it enough to clock in and collect a payslip? We think not! Renee explored the profound difference between merely being and true belonging at work. In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining top talent hinges on understanding this distinction.

Purpose: Ever wondered about your life’s purpose? We’ve got you covered! Renee introduced her research on purpose-led inclusion. Learn how to be intentional in realising your purpose, both personally and professionally.

Actionable Tips: Ready to infuse your work with purpose? Renee gave practical strategies to kickstart your journey toward a more meaningful professional life.

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Foresight Meets Strategy: Empowering Individuals and Executives for the Future
February 2024

Join Watermark for this webinar with futurist and author, Diana Wu David, as she unveils the exciting landscape of tomorrow. 

Diana guided us through envisioning what lies ahead and offered insights on how these changes will impact each of us as individuals and as leaders within our organisations. With captivating real-world examples, she shed light on the personal and professional applications.

An opportunity to expand your horizons and rethink your approach to the future.

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Leaders and LinkedIn: Is social media silence the best strategy?
November 2023

Social media is an inescapable reality that affects everyone, even at the leadership level. As an executive or non-executive director, find out why you should be using social media to access key audience insights, amplify organisational goals, and mitigate risk.

Watermark Search held an insightful webinar featuring Roger Christie, the founder of Propel, a digital reputation advisory firm.

Roger shared his expertise on the critical ways leaders can turn social media risk into reward:
- Digital Reputation: Understand the art of building and maintaining a powerful online presence.
- Environment: The macro environment surrounding digital reputation in 2023.
- LinkedIn Myth Busting: Get ready to debunk common misconceptions and uncover the real strategies for utilising social media effectively.
- Recommendations for profile, network, and content optimisation: Gain practical insights to enhance your LinkedIn presence and digital reputation.

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Your Oxygen Mask First: Prioritising Yourself in Your Lifelong Career Journey
September 2023

Unlock the secret to longevity planning!

This webinar, hosted by Watermark Search, delves into a profound trend highlighted in Watermark’s 2023 Interim Executive Survey, ‘Longevity Planning’.

Our experts, Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, Founder & CEO of Full Time Lives and Caroline McAuliffe, Senior Partner at Watermark, guides you through an enlightening journey, providing invaluable insights and actionable tips that promise to reshape the way you approach life and work.

Natalie and Caroline focus on LONGEVITY by exploring:
- The Longevity Plan within the Interim Survey.
- The roadmap to crafting your personal longevity plan including:
- A 'multi-stage' life in the 100-year lifespan.
- How to develop a long-term vision.
- Importance of social connections for your wellbeing and bringing your vision to life.

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Revolutionise Your Executive Job Search with AI: The Power of ChatGPT
August 2023

Watermark Search held a webinar with guest speaker Renata Bernarde, Executive Career Coach and Job Hunting Expert, that we believe can significantly enhance your executive job search and career planning.

In today's job market, understanding and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can give you a decisive edge. OpenAI's GPT-4, also known as ChatGPT, is one such tool that's revolutionising the job-seeking process.

In this webinar, we explored:

- An overview of ChatGPT and its capabilities

- The impact of AI on the executive

- Practical demonstrations on how ChatGPT can assist in content creation (resumes, LI profiles, presentations, briefs), interview preparation and job searching

- Best practices for using AI tools effectively in your job search

- Mitigating fears and pitfalls

- And much more.

This webinar was designed specifically for senior executives who are looking to stay ahead of the curve and utilise innovative technologies in their professional pursuits.

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Board Diversity: The 2023 Index and Practical Solutions
June 2023

Watermark held a webinar with guest speakers Megan Motto, David Evans, Mark Baxter and Linda Scott.

David opened the webinar by providing some of the key points of the 2023 Board Diversity Index and what areas we can improve on. Mark and Linda then spoke about how the Board Diversity Index figures mirror what is happening on the ground in their fields.

David then considered different ways we can search for great board members beyond those who have ‘done it before’. How can we reach those diverse candidates that would bring different mindsets and ideas to boards beyond those we already know? Mark spoke about the barrier of networking for aspiring board directors and Linda highlighted the benefits of having people with differing viewpoints and backgrounds on boards.

The panel then discussed the importance of reporting and setting targets to make sure underrepresented people are included on boards and provided some other suggestions on how to get board experience and skills such as board committees, board observers as well as personal development.

Megan highlighted some strong research showing the correlation between gender and diversity of boards and their performance which accentuates just how important this topic is.

Megan, Mark and Linda finally spoke about the importance of moving from just thinking through the lens of diversity to understanding how to build inclusion and psychological safety in the boardroom and then we finished on a beautiful story about having allies.

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Advisory Boards: State of the Market 2023
June 2023

The wave of continual growth in advisory boards has left a new high-water mark. The surging use of these problem solving/thinking systems are supporting leaders carefully navigate the future and how decisions are being made

Watch this session with guest speaker, Louise Broekman, founder of the Advisory Board Centre.

Gain insights into why advisory boards are the hot new trend in business and governance today. See the trends in the global advisory board sector with the newly released 2023 State of the Market Report. Produced bi-annually by the Global Research Council, it provides new insight into the rise of this rapidly evolving sector.

The report is important and of value to many interest groups including Advisory Board practitioners, corporate entities, founders and business owners and government, banking sector, funders (private equity and venture capital) and industry bodies.

This is an opportunity to explore the report findings and learn more about the sector. It also enabled a practical discussion about how these findings may impact roles and businesses, whether that be in opportunity creation or otherwise.

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Understanding burnout risk: Thriving in 2023 and beyond
May 2023

A great session with guest speakers Nick Petrie – lead researcher of the Perform / Grow / Thrive project and Jamie McIver – General Manager, Australia at Adeption.

We are facing increasing complexity and volatility both within and outside of the workplace. There is an unprecedented focus and social consciousness of wellbeing in and out of the workplace, yet burnout is on the rise and overall mental health and wellbeing is declining. Ways of working have forever changed post pandemic and in the era of Industry 4.0.

In this session Nick and Jamie discussed:
-The burnout diagnostic: using a diagnostic tool to assist attendees in understanding burnout risk for themselves.
-Perform / Thrive / Grow project: the basis of research leading to the development of the burnout diagnostic, sharing key insights from 100’s of leaders interviewed on the topic and explored the key measures of what it means to be successful in today’s world of work & life.
-Understand the results: factors contributing to burnout and practical inspiration on how to think differently about managing these factors.
-Generating action: for individuals and their workplace, to create a sustainable environment for health, growth & performance

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Are you ready for 2023 and the complexity that is emerging?
March 2023

As we ramp up for 2023, we are facing so many unknowns - a potential interest rate driven recession, ongoing COVID impacts on supply chains, accelerating transition to low carbon economy - to name a few.

What is clear is that we need to be set up to respond to rapidly changing and emergent situations. But a poorly designed and executed transformation program can amplify uncertainty, waste effort, take longer than needed and negatively impact the staff involved.

In this session Kieran Duck covered the paradox of complexity and how, as complexity rises, many of the mechanisms that have worked well actually distract from the most important issues and reduce confidence in delivery.

He provides practical advice on what can be done to set up programs for success and improve confidence in delivering those that are underway.

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The top 5 things directors need to know about cyber – and they’re not technical!!
November 2022

Watermark Search hosted a webinar on "The top 5 things directors need to know about cyber – and they’re not technical!!" with industry leaders and educators Claire Pales and Anna Leibel from The Secure Board.

Anna and Claire, authors of 'The Secure Board: How To Be Confident That Your Organisation Is Cyber Safe', spoke about the critical elements to governing cyber security risk.  They gave their top 5 tips which help directors to gain an understanding of the growing expectations of regulators and the importance of being prepared for a cyber-attack. They also answered the following questions:​

-How important is preparation when it comes to cyber incident response?

-How much do directors really need to know about cyber to manage the risk?

-What is the value of having a dedicated cyber leader in the organisation?

-What does a good cyber strategy look like?

-What are some of the key questions directors can ask of the c-level leaders to increase their confidence?

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Myth busting Interim Executive
November 2022

Watermark Search - Interim Executive hosted a webinar with two seasoned Interim Executives, Bart Clingin and Shelley Tate, where we heard what being an interim is really like. We also debunked some myths and asked Bart and Shelley to share their take on:

-What are the benefits of being an Interim Executive?

-How do you hit the ground running in an interim assignment?

-What mindset is needed to be an Interim Executive?

-How do you get comfortable “owning” your expertise and having a crisp pitch?

-What part of being an Interim Executive do you enjoy the most and what is the hardest part?

-How can you remain relevant and current?

-How can you promote yourself?

-How can you overcome misperceptions of what it means to be an Interim Executive?

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Continuing to make a difference in all forms of diversity
October 2022

Watermark’s Managing Partner, David Evans, was joined by The Governance Institute of Australia’s CEO, Megan Motto, and Chairman and NED of a multitude of Boards including ASX100 listed OZ Minerals Ltd, Rebecca McGrath, on a webinar on, “Continuing to make a difference in all forms of diversity”.

David made some opening remarks about our 2022 Board Diversity Index which analyses five different types of diversity in ASX300 Boards and then we opened to a discussion with the panel on:

-The benefits of hiring NEDs that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences

-How Search firms and Chairs can contribute to moving diversity in the right direction

-How we can shift the dial on diversity more broadly in society to get this conversation filtering down beyond the ASX300

-The change in educational backgrounds of Boards

-Top pieces of advice to diverse candidates.

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Amplifying Employee Value Proposition in 2022: Advice, reflections, and practical ideas from Sally Elson (MYOB, BHP) and Helen Hovenga (Telix Pharma, Peter Mac & Newcrest)
September 2022

The War for Talent is not a new problem, but the pandemic certainly amplified it. It was not surprising after a period of uncertainty, lockdowns, new working practices and dealing with all the challenges in between, workers in 2022 were looking for more choice in where, how, and why they work.

Watermark’s 2022 Annual Interim Executive Survey suggested that some of the ways organisations changed in turn were through Employee Value Proposition (EVP) tools such as embracing hybrid work, providing more flexibility, ensuring work has purpose and meaning, and providing an environment where cultural values are strongly aligned to the work performed.

To put this topic under the microscope and give real and practical advice about EVP, we invited Helen Hovenga (Telix Pharma, Peter Mac & Newcrest) and Sally Elson (MYOB, BHP) to speak with us.

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The rise of Advisory Boards
August 2022

Many people with a portfolio career have a combination of interim assignments, Governance Boards and increasingly Advisory Boards. This session aims to bring you the latest thinking and data from the experts in this field.

Guest speaker, Louise Broekman, CEO and Founder of the Advisory Board Centre, presented on the 2022 State of the Market Report. Produced bi-annually by the Advisory Board Centre’s Global Research Council, it provides an update on global trends within the Advisory Board sector. The 2022 report provides new insight into the rise of this rapidly evolving sector.

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Winning the War for Talent - Reimagining the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
June 2022

Guest speaker, Dr Ben Hamer, is one of the leading voices on the future of work, is the author of “The Kickass Career: How to Succeed in the Future of Work, Now”, and is a media commentator, podcast host and keynote speaker.

Key topics of the webinar include:

-The current state of the Australian labour market - the fallout from the Great Resignation/Reflection

-What do employees want? Addressing the expectation gap and looking at leading practice

-Is there an EVP silver bullet?

-How to win the War for Talent - adapting a new mindset

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The power is in your personal brand
May 2022

Guest speaker, Garry Browne AM, joined us for a webinar on the power of personal brand and the importance of reputation and relevance, especially as it relates to being an Interim Executive.

Garry is the author of “Brand New Brand You”, and has over 40 years’ experience in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry. Garry now has his own consulting business and hosts a Podcast, The Personal Brand Catalyst.

Listen to hear more about:

-Identifying your brand and learning to promote yourself effectively

-Refining your Elevator Pitch

-How to capitalise and engage your networks.

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​HR future-focused transformation: HR trends challenging existing people strategies in organisations
March 2022

Alec Bashinsky, a strategic business thinker/innovator, FOW specialist and current APAC Partner for the Josh Bersin Company, joined Watermark Search International's Interim Partners and led our first Future of Work webinar on “HR future-focused transformation: HR trends challenging existing people strategies in organisations”.

This session covered:

-Current research and insights (from the Josh Bersin Company) on the global trends impacting People strategies in organisations

-An overview and “need to know information” on disruption in operating models, employee experience, and workforce skills in a post-pandemic world

-Anecdotes from the world’s leading organisations on how they are shifting and changing their people strategies to become future proof

-The evolution of the HR function to be fit for purpose in 2022 and beyond

-What next for your organisation to make the shift?

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Understanding and capitalising on the executive recruitment landscape in 2022
February 2022

Watermark’s first webinar of 2022 with guest speaker, Renata Bernarde. Renata highlighted “Understanding and capitalising on the executive recruitment landscape in 2022”.

The key messages of the webinar are as below:

-What we know is true about the job market in 2022

-Attitudinal change that leads to career success

-The seven deadly sins that are sabotaging your career

-The biggest mistake of all in job-hunting.

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Understanding the complexity of business transformation and how to lift performance
November 2021

Many businesses take on transformation programs to significantly shift their capability and performance. However, the underlying complexity of transforming a business is not well understood e.g. the need to change course because of the emergence of new ideas.

Unfortunately, the standard project management approach does not cope with this type of complexity. The result is either under-delivery and failure, or a reduction in the ambition of the program to something simple and achievable and not transformative.

This webinar, with guest speaker Kieran Duck, explains the characteristics of complexity and provides insights into how they confound the normal approach. It goes through the elements of an enhanced toolkit, based on design thinking, that has the mindsets, practices and skills required to be successful in complex projects and business transformation. It calls out a couple of these elements that you can start practicing and apply straight away to shift the level of performance in complexity.

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Alignment of organisational and personal performance
October 2021

Paul Lyons from Mental Toughness Partners and Pete Clark from 21 Whispers joined us for a webinar on the "Alignment of Organisational and Personal Performance".

Paul explored organisational performance, specifically the unchartered territory of the emergent market and the human challenges businesses need to navigate in a post ‘living with COVID’ world.

Pete delved into the personal performance of leaders and discussed the notion that in order for executives to drive organisational performance and lead others they must first look within and work on themselves.

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A roadmap to greater board diversity
September 2021

Watermark Search International in partnership with the Governance Institute of Australia, held a webinar highlighting “A roadmap to greater board diversity”.

The CEO of the Governance Institute, Megan Motto, chaired this important discussion and the panel comprised of Watermark Search International’s Managing Partner David Evans, Shirley Chowdhary and Jason Yat-sen Li.

Our 2021 Board Diversity Index formed the basis of this discussion which analyses diversity in the ASX300.

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Understanding the growth and impact of the advisory sector
August 2021

Guest speaker, Louise Broekman, Founder & CEO of the Advisory Board Centre, presented on the Advisory Board Centre’s 2021 State of the Market Report. It was an exclusive executive briefing providing new insight into:

-Business longitudinal study results (2018-2021)

-Case study impact analysis

-Evaluation from an independent impact assessment panel

-International mapping of Advisory Board professionals

-Analysis of corporatised Advisory Boards

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Building connection and presence in your virtual interactions
June 2021

The pandemic accelerated remote and hybrid working. We all adapted to communicating virtually, rapidly upskilling in technology to support this and tried to optimise how we best work from home.

Guest speaker, Renata Bernarde – Job-Hunting Expert, Career Strategist & Host of the Job-Hunting Podcast, spoke about the tips and tricks to take how we connect “in person” to doing it “virtually”. In this Masterclass, Renata shared her accumulated insights over the last 15 months that will aid you to operate professionally and efficiently in today’s virtual environment.

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How do you achieve external success and internal personal fulfilment?
April 2021

A masterclass with guest speakers Paul Lyons from Mental Toughness Partners and Pete Clark from 21 Whispers highlighting internal fulfilment and external achievement.

As an Interim Executive you have the outer expectation from the client to drive their needs and wants. However, if that is all you focus on you can lose your inner fulfilment of what this success means to you. These competing priorities of external achievement and internal fulfilment are interlinked and Paul and Pete give some suggestions on how you can attain both.

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How to upskill and reskill in this new learning world
February 2021

Guest speaker Stacey Edmonds, Global People, Digital and Talent Technology Interim and Consultant, highlighted how to upskill and reskill in this new learning world.

Stacey spoke about how we need to fully embrace a culture of continuous learning and the potential of digitally enabled learning. For many organisations this is a step change, creating the need for a new set of L&D knowledge, skills and business models.

Previously, much of the conversation had been at a strategic level however in this webinar Stacey spoke about how people can move past strategy and into action. She gave a practical demonstration on how to step into this new learning world quickly, easily, safely and cost effectively using live examples of Learning Experience Platforms, YouTube videos and more.

Most importantly, Stacey shared what personal and professional development looks like nowadays and how to create a digital commercial grade learning pathway.

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The LinkedIn era - Profiling your career with impact
August 2020

As an executive seeking opportunities in this fourth industrial revolution - the Digital economy - how you amplify your 'superpowers' to stand out and reach the broadest network is critical.

Renata Bernade - Job Hunting Expert, Career Strategist, and Host of the Job Hunting Podcast explored why you must have a presence on LinkedIn. Through the conversation Renata instilled a mindset change in each of us, taking the participants through how to make the biggest impact on LinkedIn and get the algorithm working to our favour.

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Essentials for merger and acquisition success
June 2020

Guest speaker Karen Isely, founder of Isely Associates International, where she shared the results of her ground-breaking M&A research.

This research demonstrates a critical link between people’s experience during deals and whether or not deal objectives are met.

The study provides much-needed data to support early investment in leadership and culture as part of the standard deal process.

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The impact of COVID-19 on the workforce
June 2020

One of our Interim Executives, Natalie Ranki-Goldman, spoke about ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on the Workforce'.

Some central themes of this webinar were:

-Necessity is the mother of invention

-The Future of Work - It's here! We are working through it NOW

-Preparing for the post-isolation workforce

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The future of work post COVID-19
May 2020

The future of work is NOW! We held a webinar in partnership with one of our Interim Executives, Natalie Ranki-Goldman on ‘The Future of Work Post COVID-19'.

Some of the key themes from our session were:



-Innovation and Creativity

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Top tips on how to navigate through COVID-19 as an Interim Executive
May 2020

Guest speaker, Jo Attard Watters, hosted a webinar highlighting “Top tips on how to navigate through COVID-19 as an Interim Executive”.

The key points of the webinar were:

-Understand this new and changing market

-Respond to this changing market with your clients

-Take care of yourself and promote yourself.

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