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Webinar - A Decade of Data: Lessons Learned from 10 Years of ASX300 Board Diversity Analysis

​Watermark held a webinar where we looked into the findings of the 2024 Board Diversity Index and explored the implications these findings hold for society.

Our Managing Partner, David Evans, went through the results, focusing on the highlights and trends over the past 10 years.

David was joined by our panelists; Pauline Vamos, Chair, Governance Institute of Australia, Cr Linda Scott, Chair, CareSuper; Councillor, City of Sydney; and President, Australian Local Government Association, Adam Davids, Managing Director, First Nations Equity Partners, and Mark Baxter, Co-Founder and Director, Australian LGBTQ+ Board of Executive Inclusion (ALBEI).

Our panelists discussed and answered the following questions:

  1. Why is board diversity crucial? What are the reasons for diversity in boardrooms?

  2. How can we drive change and enhance diversity representation?

  3. What are the roadblocks to achieving diverse boards?

  4. Should mandatory reporting include all forms of diversity? This discussion included insights on the new ASX Corporate Governance Principles.

  5. Is diversity on boards a risk, or is the greater risk conformity to groupthink?

  6. Is the lack of pipeline the primary obstacle to diversity, as many people believe?

  7. How can recruiters and board directors broaden their reach beyond conventional pipelines?

  8. If you could have one thing changed, what would it be?

To listen to the full recording, please see below:

Please download the 2024 Board Diversity Index here.