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Webinar   A Decade Of Data Lessons Learned From 10 Years Of Asx300 Board Diversity Analysis (1)

Webinar - A Decade of Data: Lessons Learned from 10 Years of ASX300 Board Diversity Analysis

​Watermark held a webinar where we looked into the findings of the 2024 Board Diversity Index and explored the implications these findings hold for society. Our Managing Partner, David Evans, went ...

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Why are some groups of Australians ‘under-represented’ or ‘marginalised’ on ASX300 boards?

​When reviewing the makeup of boards for the Watermark 2024 Board Diversity Index we found it very difficult to gauge the participation of people with disabilities on boards because there is limite...

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Boards are Increasingly Multigenerational – Though They’re Aging

Age. Skills and experience. Tenure and independence … Our boards are a made up of a composite of these factors, so it’s important to look at their impact on the function and effectiveness of a comp...

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Culture Club: Why are Boards Still so Exclusive?

​Australia is a cultural cornucopia: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, our island nation is home to people from more than 270 ethnic groups. But is our multiculturalism inclusive? T...

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A Call to Action for Gender Diversity on Boards

​Gender representation on ASX300 boards hasn’t changed much over the last few years – and we’re still a fair way from equality. As long as boards continue to be mostly “stale, male and pale”, compa...

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Diversity on boards is measurable – so where to from here?

​There seems to be a systemic bias against collecting data on underrepresented people. But lack of data should not be seen as an excuse for nominations committees and chairs to fall back on instead...

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