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Towards real diversity on boards

​While some of the representative numbers in our current Board Diversity Index show little movement, it’s clear the business world is increasingly aware of the importance and value of diverse repre...

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Webinar - Board Diversity: The 2023 Index and Practical Solutions

“We are not there yet and we are not getting there fast enough” – Megan Motto, CEO of the Governance Institute of Australia“What gets measured gets done” - David Evans, Managing Partner of Watermar...

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Which skills and qualifications are most prized on boards?

​Who are the people on Australian boards and how long do they stick around? We know that there still aren’t enough women and not enough ethnic diversity represented. But being a board member, regar...

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Can boards get past the cultural stall?

If our boards are still “too male” they’re also still “too pale”. Ethnic diversity and representation is an issue that is slowly being considered, but slow it is – and in some areas it has in fact ...

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Webinar - Advisory Boards: State of the Market 2023

"The roles we need in the future don't even exist yet""It will only get bigger and bigger""It is about bringing the outside in"In Watermark's most popular webinar, Louise Broekman, founder of the A...

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Gender balance on boards is improving… slowly

​Australian boards are still accused of being “too male, too pale and too stale”. So, what is the current state of play when it comes boards being “too male”? When it comes to “balancing the books”...

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