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Interim CFO case study by Nick Waterworth, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Ambition Group Ltd

​With an Interim CFO you benefit from having ‘no past and no future with your organisation’.

6-months ago following a restructure, I engaged an Interim CFO and Company Secretary on a 12-month assignment.

The professional concerned is an ex-partner from a Big-4 firm, now pursuing a portfolio career including board appointments and a small number of consulting engagements.

The Brief

The nature of the brief covered four main areas:

  • Mentor and develop the Group Financial Controller.

  • Provide insight and guidance on team composition.

  • Financial guidance to the CEO.

  • Company Secretarial responsibilities including external reporting and board liaison.

The Outcome

Drawing on a diverse background including client advisory, and also corporate experience, the CFO has been a valuable resource bringing independence as well as a hands-on attitude.

The mentoring aspect has been particularly valuable, alongside handling the company secretarial duties meaning that the Group Controller has been able to focus on core finance, planning/forecasting, and business partnering duties.

I have utilised interims in the past, and would not hesitate to bring them on in the future for key C-level projects.

Please contact the Interim Team to talk about how we can provide an Interim Executive solution for you today.