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2023 Annual Interim Executive Survey

Welcome to the 2023 Annual Interim Executive Survey!


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This marks the thirteenth year Watermark dives into the Interim Executive market in Australia including the demographics and motivators of people choosing to work this way, the type of work Interim Executives undertake, and the broader macro environment in which they operate as well as the micro drivers of the sectors.


of Interim Executives who have embarked on their portfolio career choose to do this indefinitely for the flexibility, variety and social engagement.


of survey respondents prioritise "refreshing attraction and retention strategies" as they key factor to transform workplace longevity.


of respondents cited "currency in skills" as why they choose to be an Interim Executive.


of respondents chose "finding / retaining the best people' as the number one external disrupter / influence to business strategy.

This year we identified five key trends that will shape the future success of leaders, employees, and customers:

​To view a copy of the media release for the Annual Interim Executive Survey 2023 please click here.

The media is taking notice of these trends uncovered by our survey, showcasing real-world examples that underscore its value and significance. Please click on the links to read the articles:

Please email to organise a discussion or meeting with a member of our interim team should you have any questions about the survey or Interim Executive in general.

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