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Webinar - Alignment of organisational and personal performance

Feedback from attendees:
“Best stimulating thinking of the year”
“Fantastic panel, absolutely great food for thought”
“Thank you so much for an hour of thought provocation and information to consider”
“Thanks Pete and Paul for sharing wonderful views, thoughts and ideas - gets us thinking outside the box”

They returned for their encore performance and we sure got a lot out of it!

Paul Lyons from Mental Toughness Partners and Pete Clark from 21 Whispers joined Watermark Search International – Interim Executive for a webinar on the "Alignment of Organisational and Personal Performance".

Paul explored organisational performance, specifically the unchartered territory of the emergent market and the human challenges businesses need to navigate in a post ‘living with COVID’ world. Pete delved into the personal performance of leaders and discussed the notion that in order for executives to drive organisational performance and lead others they must first look within and work on themselves.

Paul’s main points on organisational performance are below:

...but we still expect the numbers

  • Volatility/Uncertainty/Complexity/Ambiguity challenges abound due to COVID - 91% of CEOs say that the pandemic is the biggest threat to growth in their company

  • Performance Indicators are solid – despite these challenges we still expect the numbers. The financial indicators suggest that the numbers can be met – ASX is up 50% since March 2020, GDP is up 1.4% in the year up to June 2021

  • However, are we missing the point? Are the financial indicators of organisational performance masking other human issues that are coming through?

...that we don’t yet understand

These are around the corner and will impact organisational performance. Some examples are:

  • The Great Resignation is coming to Australia. 1 in 2 of the Australian workforce have said they will be looking for a new job in the next 12 months

    • People are tired, burnt out, grieving, have lost hope and meaning in their role and have a feeling of being squeezed to meet targets and hit the numbers

  • WFH paradox - "94% of the workforce want some type of workplace flexibility which includes WFH" - Forbes magazine

  • Leaders hurt too – leaders feel disconnected from the workforce and are exhausted as well

So how do we overcome these challenges?

…finding new ways

Solutions that leaders may use to overcome these human challenges:

  • Leaders need greater empathy and understanding of what employees have been through and how they are feeling

  • Develop a hybrid workforce – make it “The Great Attraction” – engage and empower employees through a flexible environment

  • Create transformational growth – don’t just do the same thing as last year and do it better, actually create transformational growth (use technology and people in a different way altogether)

​Pete's main points on personal performance are below:

…organisations don’t outperform the quality of their leadership

  • What environment is your leadership team complicit in creating?

    • Good leaders get more engagement from their staff than the bad leaders

    • The organisation can’t be any better than its leaders

    • 1 + 1 ≥ 2

So how can you be a good leader and make sure your organisation performs?

...What’s the future demanding of you?

  • Who are you showing up as?

  • Who do you want to be?

    • We can choose who we want to be and we can do it now!

  • Who do those that you serve need you to be?

  • Why should anyone be led by you?


  • Know what triggers your A & B Game

    • What is going on in your internal world that influences whether you are on your A or B Game?

    • The awareness of these triggers is enough to start working on them

  • YOU are the instrument – put yourself first

    • "It is being selfish to be selfless” – Pete Clark on the notion that you are better able to serve others when you are your best self

  • There are 3 steps to working on yourself:

    • Pick something to work on e.g. I am going to work on my empathy

    • Actually work on it – create space to allow your brain to think and act differently

    • Make the change visible – people need to see it

​A full recording of this webinar is below:

​Pete and Paul highly engaged us all earlier in the year at a Watermark webinar on "How to achieve external success and internal personal fulfilment". Please click here to watch their previous webinar.​

If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series then please contact one of the team today