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Webinar - How to upskill and reskill in this new learning world

​Watermark Search International’s Interim team recently hosted a webinar with guest speaker Stacey Edmonds, Global People, Digital and Talent Technology Interim and Consultant, which highlighted how to upskill and reskill in this new learning world.

“Companies will need to upskill or reskill approximately 60% of their workforce over the next two to five years” - BCG 2021.

Stacey spoke about how in order for us to respond to this need, especially in the new COVID world, we need to fully embrace a culture of continuous learning and the potential of digitally enabled learning. For many organisations this is a step change, creating the need for a new set of L&D knowledge, skills and business models.

Previously, much of the conversation had been at a strategic level however in this webinar Stacey spoke about how people can move past strategy and into action. She gave a practical demonstration on how to step into this new learning world quickly, easily, safely and cost effectively using live examples of Learning Experience Platforms, YouTube videos and more. She even gave away 3x 7-day free passes to “MasterClass” which offers online courses to start off participant’s new, digital learning journey.

Most importantly, Stacey shared what personal and professional development looks like nowadays and how to create a digital commercial grade learning pathway.

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here.  ​

“Thanks all. Huge progress in Learning (no more boring slides!!!)” - Brendon Lyons

“Very stimulating presentation and conversation. Thank you so much” – Joel Williams

“It was an excellent webinar, thank you for facilitating. Stacey Edmonds has an engaging and innovative perspective, thank you” – Natalia Vukolova

“Many thanks, great presentation” - Geoffrey Buchanan 

“I found the webinar, and there are so many at the moment, an eye opener into the world of modern LXP’s and a stimulating experience – new solutions and new platforms, that just work” – Dagmar Neumann

“I always watch our Watermark webinars, however I usually just have them on in the background and continue working.  Today I couldn’t stop watching! I was so drawn to what Stacey was saying, she’s a brilliant presenter, very knowledgeable and she made the session fun, inclusive and interesting” – Suzanne Mulvihill

If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series then please contact one of the team today