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Case Study: Interim Managing Director

​The Client:

A global professional services group had decided to sell their Australian subsidiary within 6 months. The Managing Director who had been recently appointed was under performing and was to leave the company. The organisation required a caretaker Interim Managing Director for those 6 months to mainly settle down the team and keep key people in the business.

The Brief:

The client needed the Interim Managing Director to help manage the effect of the sale. They needed a safe pair of hands as there had been a lot of chaos due to the poor MD hire and poor performance. Someone experienced working with likes of one of the Big Four in business sale processes would be valuable to them.

Watermark’s Solution & Outcome:

A shortlist of pre-qualified, suitable candidates was put together within 2 days. After two rounds of interviews, the successful candidate was placed within two weeks of the client making contact. This allowed for the new Interim Managing Director to start as soon as the incumbent had left to minimise disruption and panic within the team.

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