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The LinkedIn Era - Profiling Your Career with Impact: Webinar Q&A

In conjunction with our ‘Job Hunting Podcast’ host Renata Bernarde, we are pleased to release ‘Podcast 46: Linked in Q&A’ 

This is the follow up podcast to our original webinar - The LinkedIn Era - Profiling Your Career with Impact.  Given the rich discussion from the 120+ executives in attendance, this podcast was recorded to capture and respond to the thoughtful questions raised.

Some of these questions include:

  • Do I add my email or mobile to my profile?

  • If I am building a portfolio career, should I be encouraged to like articles, share original content and comment on areas of interest?

  • Do your recommend a 'role specific’ headline or a ‘functional proposition specific’ headline?

  • Should the ‘about section’ be written in the first person or third person?

  • How much detail should I put in the ‘about section’?

  • Should the ‘experience section’ reflect the detail of your resume?

  • How do I use key words to be found on LinkedIn?

  • Should I use the ‘open to work’ green banner or ‘open to opportunities’ to communicate my availability as an executive?

  • And many more!

You can listen to the full recording of the podcast here: Podcast 46: Linked in Q&A.

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