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Watermark in the news: The Australian Financial Review - The executives who are short on time, but big on impact

The pace of business has changed and organisations need new access to new skill sets at a rapid pace, a fact that has been supported in our 2020 Annual Interim Management Survey.Download the full report today. 

TheAustralian Financial Review recently posted an articleThe executives who are short on time, but big on impact. Interim executives are a mainstream element of the Australian workforce in a greater way than we have ever seen before. There is a growing trend of Interim Executives who are sought out to implement large transformation programs, a trend we at Watermark only see increasing in the coming years. In the current climate where adaptability and quick action is necessary, the benefits for an organisation to bring in an Interim executive who can bring and deliver change quickly is tangible.

Overhitting the mark and shining in a crisis is the strength that client’s value.

Our most recent findings around the supply and demand shaping the interim executive marketplace can be compiled into three pillars. 

  1. The executive

    The Executive Pillar explores the demographic of an interim executive and the motivators of the people choosing to engage with this way of work. It examines the core skills valued by clients in a constantly evolving, uncertain, and disruptive business landscape

  2. The experience

    The Experience Pillar focuses on the type of work an interim executive undertakes. This is about looking beyond motivation – and the reasons a person chooses to be an interim executive – to explore the actual hands-on experience. The Experience Pillar informs us about which sectors, levels, and functional areas are in demand.

  3. The environment

    The Environment Pillar looks at the broader macro environment in which interim executives operate as well as the micro drivers of the sector. Themes like transformation, digitisation, and disruption are relevant not just to the type of Executive sought and the Experience they need but also to the Environment in which they, and clients seeking to engage an interim executive are operating.

"You're starting to now hear the terminology 'the new COVID normal' or 'the new pandemic normal'," he says. "People now realise that this is our new longer-term environment, probably for six to 12 months as a minimum. This is how we're going to operate. I think it will open up the eyes of boards and senior C-suite people to say: 'We need to get on with it.'" - Bernard McInerney |Australian Financial Review: The executives who are short on time, but big on impact written by Sally Patten

Click here to read more and hear from established executives Bernard McInerney and Nicki Doble, including insights  from Jacinta Whelan Lead Partner at Watermark International Melbourne, or download our Interim Executive Annual Survey 2020 Report.