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2020 Annual Interim Management Survey Report

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It’s a decade since Watermark launched its first survey of the interim executive. In 2020, we are proud to be launching our tenth edition of this important research report. In the years since 2010, the demand for interim executives in the Australian marketplace has seen significant growth. Our firm is proud to have been a pioneer of the sector and to now hold a leadership position in interim executive recruitment.

In the past ten years, we have seen a five fold increase in the growth of the interim business.

This year's survey highlights REINVENTION by companies and executives as a key response to digitisation and disruption. Interim executives are a mainstream element of the Australian workforce in a greater way than we have ever seen before. We believe the 30% uplift in total respondents to this year’s survey reflects that. Furthermore, a huge 94% of survey respondents said they expect interim to play an even bigger part in the future of work.

The Three Es of Interim

For 2020, our survey framing is around the three pillars shaping the supply and demand sides of the interim executive marketplace.

The Executive Pillar

The Executive Pillar explores the demographic of an interim executive and the motivators of the people choosing to engage with this way of work. It examines the core skills valued by clients in a constantly evolving, uncertain, and disruptive business landscape – what we call an interim executive’s Superpowers.

Overhitting the mark and shining in a crisis is the strength that client’s value.

The Experience Pillar

The Experience Pillar focuses on the type of work an interim executive undertakes. This is about looking beyond motivation – and the reasons a person chooses to be an interim executive – to explore the actual hands-on experience. The Experience Pillar informs us about which sectors, levels, and functional areas are in demand.

The Environment Pillar

The Environment Pillar looks at the broader macro environment in which interim executives operate as well as the micro drivers of the sector. Themes like transformation, digitisation, and disruption are relevant not just to the type of Executive sought and the Experience they need but also to the Environment in which they, and clients seeking to engage an interim executive are operating.

This has highlighted the need for pragmatic, experienced, confident, decisive leadership.

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