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Interim executives bring us closer at a time when we are separated by border closures

Current Scenario:

Your organisation’s head office is in Victoria however you operate nationally. There is a problem at one of these national branches and unfortunately, lockdown does not allow you to get there. What you really need is someone in the trenches who can bring in their deep functional expertise and leadership skills to hit the ground running. The answer? An interim executive.

During the pandemic, this scenario is coming up more and more where head office cannot get to their national operations teams elsewhere in the country. They feel like they do not have strong control over their operations and cannot be there to manage a crisis. This is exactly what happened to an ASX-listed organisation recently who got back on the front foot by reaching out to Watermark Search International to solve this for them with an interim executive.


Since COVID-19 in March, distribution centres in Queensland were under capacity pressure. The biggest problem was that executives from head office could not travel there which was usually done fortnightly. They required an Interim Operations Director in Queensland who could lead the team through process and take on projects in a calm and experienced manner. They needed a local, on the ground, “go to” executive who could be the main point of contact for head office.

Watermark’s Solution and Outcome:

A shortlist of pre-qualified, immediately available candidates was put together within 24 hours. These candidates were experienced in supply chain, operations and broad management who understood process, could take on projects directly and could be seen as a coach and mentor. A successful candidate was appointed within one week.

If your organisation is going through a similar scenario, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Interim Partners in Sydney - Caroline McAuliffe and Lisa McAuliffe and Melbourne - Jacinta Whelan and Donna Burr, who will assist you with a local interim executive to be your eyes and ears on the ground.