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Building your Board Portfolio...Myths and Tips - Four Top Tips from the Chair

In this article, I provide you four tips, from experienced Chairs, about practical steps you can take to build your NED portfolio.

1. Know what your board value proposition is.
Why would you be a compelling board member? Where is your experience of most value? Do you identify with the companies vision and mission?
If you can’t be clear about what you bring to a specific board those who are part of the selection process will be equally unclear.

2. Make sure your CV/Linkedin/Online profile conveys your board value proposition.
Is your CV a board CV or an executive CV? Having gained personal clarity about what you bring to the boardroom, has that translated into your more public profile?
You have to create a view of you as a board member… not just as a senior executive.

3. Ensure you are cut out to be a Director.
Are you happy having your hands out of the business and ceding control? Can you operate in a more advisory and coaching manner? Are you ok earning less than as an executive? Do you fully appreciate the fiduciary duties of being a Director and are you comfortable with those?
If the answer to any of those is no…you are at a point where you should reconsider your NED path.

4. Develop your Network
Have you kept your network, of those you have worked with and come into contact with, vibrant? Are you a reciprocal networker? Are you clear about what you are asking for, or looking to get, from a network meeting?
Your network is a critical part of being on that initial list (the ‘long list’ in executive search-speak). It won’t secure you the role but it often puts you in the frame.

On a final note
Treat the process of building your portfolio in a reflective, honest, disciplined and logical manner and much more will happen

In the next article, I’ll offer another four tips from sitting Chairs about what you can do to build your portfolio. 

To build your portfolio apply the 4 Ps:
Pragmatic, Planned, Persistent and Professional.

Graham Willis
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