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When to hire an Interim Executive

The circumstances that create the need for an interim executive are many and varied but can normally be put into the following categories; bringing immediate leadership to an area or company, delivering a project or programme or providing ‘Subject Matter Expertise’.

Immediate Leadership

  • Providing gap management; following an unexpected departure, change of ownership, merger, acquisition, illness or termination.
  • Covering statutory disciplines e.g. CFO, General Counsel and providing professional guardianship.
  • Creating of a new business unit or entity.
  • Filling a requirement for a new skill set or different industry background.
  • Turning a business around.

Project or Programme Management

  • Leading a change initiative or supporting a business taking a change of course. Examples include leading programmes to create shared services, M & A activities, facilitating and leading restructuring, relocating a business or implementing new technologies and systems.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Drafting in highly specialist skills that are needed today but not permanently, these include technical skills or specific leadership skills.
  • Acting as a ‘critical reviewer’, providing a fresh pair of eyes without unconscious bias or a ‘need’ to play politics.
  • Undertaking due diligence reports.

Interim executives are experienced professionals who possess the background and specific expertise that you need to make a difference to your business quickly. They have no designs becoming a longer feature of the organization. They are there to do accomplish specific objectives within a set timeframe. The nature of the executives we deal with is that they very often have more experience than you would normally be able to acquire without becoming a fixed cost in your business. We vet every candidate we provide you to provide you the highest quality executive in the most timely manner.

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