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Video & Digital Interviewing

Remaining Connected

We are increasingly supporting our clients by enhancing our proven executive search process with the use of video and digital technology. Given the current challenges we are facing with COVID 19, and the need for social distancing and remote working, our use of video technology is invaluable throughout all stages of the recruitment process.

Uses include:

  • COVID 19 social distancing: briefing with the client, candidate assessment and shortlist panel interviews. 
  • Video recording of screening interviews and panel interviews for absentee panel members or for broader client engagement. 
  • The use of videos in which candidates introduce themselves and their interest in the role and can respond to specific targeted questions.  

A useful assessment tool

In the current environment in which we are all self-isolating these tools can provide the selection panel with an enhanced sense of a candidate’s personality and style, which can be used in addition with a partner’s observations as a useful assessment tool. 

The use of technology can enhance an executive search process through: 

  • The speed of an executive search, we know it can be problematic trying to diarise shortlist interviews with the selection panel.  
  • Client engagement, you can share the video with decision makers at any time. 
  • An additional means of candidate assessment.  
  • Transparency and consistency.  

Simple and seamless

Watermark is currently running fully remotely, and all our systems are fully operational. As we have previously offered video-conferencing and telephone interviewing solutions in the delivery of our regional and remote searches, we have found the transition conducting executive search in times of social distancing to have been simple and seamless. We have a suite of technology systems we have been utilising for the last year which are tested, proven to be robust, and simple enough for candidates of any technical ability to use with little, if any support.

  • For research, sourcing and initial candidate screening we typically utilise telephone calls. This has not changed.
  • Instead of face-to-face interviews, we conduct video interviews using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype for Business, depending of the needs of the candidate.
  • For panel interviews, we use Zoom. Zoom has the ability for virtual waiting rooms, to avoid candidates entering meetings before they are required.  
  • We also have multi-person telephone conferencing facilities, should that be preferred over video-conferencing.​

All of these systems are currently being used. Search assignments, are tested and completely viable.