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Webinar - The top 5 things directors need to know about cyber – and they’re not technical!!

​57% of attendees said that regular Board cyber education would make them feel more confident to manage cyber risk

Watermark Search hosted a webinar on "The top 5 things directors need to know about cyber – and they’re not technical!!" with industry leaders and educators Claire Pales and Anna Leibel from The Secure Board.

Anna and Claire, authors of 'The Secure Board: How To Be Confident That Your Organisation Is Cyber Safe', spoke about the critical elements to governing cyber security risk.  They gave their top 5 tips which help directors to gain an understanding of the growing expectations of regulators and the importance of being prepared for a cyber-attack. They also answered the following questions:​

  • ​How important is preparation when it comes to cyber incident response?

  • How much do directors really need to know about cyber to manage the risk?

  • What is the value of having a dedicated cyber leader in the organisation?

  • What does a good cyber strategy look like?

  • What are some of the key questions directors can ask of the c-level leaders to increase their confidence?

To watch a full recording of the webinar, please see below:

If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series then please contact one of the team today.