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Webinar - The impact of COVID-19 on the workforce

The impact of COVID-19 is ever-changing. Watermark Search International – Interim Management recently continued our series of webinars together with one of our Interim Executives, Natalie Ranki-Goldman. This webinar highlighted ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on the Workforce'.

Please see below some of the central themes from this webinar as well as a link to view the entire webinar.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

  • COVID-19 has forced companies to be innovative and creative by changing the way they work on a practical level and by the way they use technology to do business and support their employees
  • The need for digitalisation has been rapid and companies have had to embrace new platforms and tools 
  • It has forced us to “reset” - How did we do work before? What worked and what did not?
    • What do we have to change?
    • How do we engage as a team while working from home?
    • What tools do we have in place to brainstorm and share documents?
    • What do we already have available to us and how can we use that better?
  • Companies will turn to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinking in this time to answer these questions.  Interim Executives will be key in providing organisations with the skillset of agile thought and the ability to pivot and move 'at pace' throughout this constant time of change 

Future of Work - It's here! We are working through it NOW. 

  • The focus is on health, the human being, and flexible working.
    • We need to take care of everyone – a hybrid approach of office-based work and working from home is most realistic.
    • No need to ‘soldier on’ as companies are putting employees first.
    • Mental health is key.
    • Trust is the way forward - the command and control approach is in the past.
    • There is a much bigger responsibility on the individual now – there is a need to communicate well with leaders about their needs.
    • It is no longer about the hours people work anymore; it is about the outcomes.
  • The quiet revolution – as roles within the family change, gender roles will be redefined and more of a balance may be seen.

Preparing for Post-Isolation Workforce

  • Where we are today will be different in a weeks’ time.
  • Australia is in a position to move forward as we have flattened the curve and are opening up faster than other countries. This poses questions such as:
    • Do we need to find new markets?
    • Do we need to find new trades?
    • Do we need to find new products and services?
    • How do we stimulate the economy?
  • It's important to keep across these questions and source information not only from the government but also from peak bodies in health, manufacturing etc.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is at the heart of moving forward and creativity
    • How do we move forward?
    • How do we grow and improve and do things differently?
    • Be open and flexible in your way of thinking.
    • By utilising creative thinking we can create new and improved ways of doing things, not only for companies but for Australia.

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here.


​If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series then please contact one of the team today