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Webinar - Top tips on how to navigate through COVID-19 as an Interim Executive

Watermark Search International – Interim Management and guest speaker, Jo Attard Watters, hosted a webinar recently highlighting “Top tips on how to navigate through COVID-19 as an Interim Executive”. The key points of the webinar are below as well as a link to view the entire webinar. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated, the interaction was invaluable.

Understand this new and changing market

  • Organisations are preoccupied and focusing on staying afloat and retaining jobs
  • Everyone is fearful and anxious in this unprecedented environment
  • Organisations are delaying or ending projects and even facing closure
  • Organisations are cost conscious 
  • Business models and interactions have changed – remote working is the new way
  • People are remaining in their jobs for security, so not much movement
  • Interim placement more likely than permanent search given flexibility, availability and expertise/experience
  • Innovation and creativity are evident
  • New language has emerged – self-isolation, social distancing

Respond to this changing market with your clients

  • Be aware that these times will be impacting each organisation differently 
  • Clients need strategic support, courage and leadership from the interim executive cohort more than ever
  • This is the time for us to stay close to our clients
  • Call your clients, network, third party providers like Watermark, regularly to check in – communication is key and welcome - we are all in this together
  • Be flexible with your expected day rates / fees
  • Do pro bono work for your clients - this will build close relationships for the future as you were there when they needed you the most
  • Ask your clients, “How can I help?”
  • Ask your clients, "How are you?" Any advice you can provide around mental health will be appreciated and remembered  - they will remember how you made them feel
  • Be even more proactive about managing your career and find innovative ways

Take care of yourself and promote yourself

  • Stay social – form peer groups and connect with them online a few times a week
  • Exercise – at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, 5 days a week
  • Have a “workspace” if working from home
  • Separate family and work time
  • Structure and manage your day
  • Be comfortable with ambiguity
  • Use this time for self-development
    • Do online courses
    • Become a “thought leader”
    • Create IP e.g. articles, workshops, books
    • Promote yourself on LinkedIn, your website, direct emails to your network
    • Network – form online peer networks or write a blog/vlog and distribute
    • Review your resume and Bio
  • Think of “what’s next” and develop a plan
  • Have some fun

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here.

If you would like more information on our Interim Executive webinar series then please contact one of the team today