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Webinar - The future of work post COVID-19

The future of work is NOW! Watermark Search International – Interim Management recently held a webinar in partnership with one of our Interim Executives, Natalie Ranki-Goldman on ‘The Future of Work Post COVID-19'.

Some of the key themes from our session are listed below as well as a link to view the entire webinar.


  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Negotiation and communication is key for individuals/companies/clients to get the best flexible working outcomes  
  • Human centric approach – the focus is on health.  No need to ‘soldier on’ as companies are putting employees first  
  • Trust.  The Command & Control approach is in the past and Trust and Collaboration are the way forward 
  • The Quiet revolution – as roles within the family change, gender roles will be redefined 
  • The upside is less office infrastructure costs for organisations and a healthier more engaged workforce.  Productivity remains the same, less costs means more profitability.


  • Communication is key – the top 3 skills a good leader should possess as voted by our attendees – 98% communication, 63% adaptability and 54% empathy      
  • Leadership is the lynchpin. Strong role models will guide employees into the new world of work  
  • Huge challenges for leaders leading flexible/remote work teams – training is essential as is support 
  • Technology should be used to communicate with employees to keep levels of engagement, health and well-being in check

Innovation and Creativity  

  • Necessity is the mother of invention.  We have proved that when pushed we can make changes 
  • Urgent attention to critical expertise gaps within organisations is needed, specifically IT/Digital  
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is key. Start-ups will flourish, offering new solutions and ways for customers to engage differently  
  • Many resources are already at our fingertips e.g. Zoom/Webex/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet/Cloud

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here.