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COVID-19 Advice From a Senior Human Resources Executive – Chloe Hawcroft

During COVID-19 organisations are identifying expertise gaps in critical areas. As we work through this crisis period we have created a series to focus on these critical areas, with insights from one of our readily available expert Interim Executives. View the full series here.

“Empathy is the most important thing, as well as being honest and direct, in order to deliver impactful outcomes. Insight into the drivers of behaviour helps to focus on what matters most and provide the support that people need” – Chloe Hawcroft


Chloe was part of the HR leadership team in a leading Financial Services organisation during the Royal Commission into Misconduct in Financial Services in 2018. Chloe supported her CEO and Board to complete the APRA Self-Assessment of Governance, Accountability and Culture during this Royal Commission. She also led a lot of the culture, leadership, and employee wellbeing work during this time.


Chloe helped to establish and lead a team from HR and Risk that designed and implemented a range of activities to meet regulator requirements. She also supported HR business partners and their business teams during this extremely challenging time.

What Chloe Learnt

A high level of stakeholder engagement and communication was key to identifying and adapting to risks during the Royal Commission. Taking a facilitative approach to include others’ needs in design and continually reflect and adapt to the changing context as required.

With the benefit of hindsight, Chloe would always act quickly on early ideas and evolve them as things progressed. She would try to focus on what is really needed and shut down/hold off on much of the activity that we all think is important at the time but later realise could have waited. It just burns people out.

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