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The Future of Work – Permanent and Homogeneous vs Contingent and Diverse

Recent research undertaken by The Australian Institute of Directors (AICD) has highlighted the crucial role that Boards play in navigating the changing nature of work and the resulting report breaks down the exciting but challenging landscape that Boards and Executive teams face.

Of specific interest to us is the research relating to the rise of the contingent and more diverse workforce. As quoted in this report, workforce numbers will rise but the growth is likely to be in the contingent, rather than the permanent workforce. We are also seeing organisations retaining a core “skinny” executive team permanently but augmenting their workforce with the new breed of executive portfolio professional who are available immediately and add tremendous value in terms of skills and experience. The ability to flex the workforce up and down according to need is attractive and cost-effective. With more than 80 per cent of large companies planning to substantially increase their use of flexible workers, there is no doubt this topic is top of the agenda for Boards and Directors.

To access the full report produced by the Australian Institute of Company Directors please click here.