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How does a CEO execute a Digital Makeover?

Each company’s digital journey is unique. You build something new, but always are thinking of how to keep in close and have it integrated into the existing business operations.

It is about building the same product around a proven commercial success in a company, but giving a new customer feel and interface that will help commercial operations stand up to the next generation of customers.

To change a company culture into one that is open to, and embraces digital change and innovation; companies must hire digitally savvy staff. The introduction of a new sub-culture can drive those ‘less digitally talented’ to increase their thirst for new knowledge to align to this new shift, and encourages higher engagement levels from existing ‘old world’ employees to support and encourage digital change.

Often its these ‘old world’ employees that control the spend culture and priorities, so changing their mind-sets subtly is key to obtain company-wide support.

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