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Case Study: Chief Executive & Deputy Chief Executive – Prominent Sports and Gaming Organisation

Watermark Search International was engaged by a high-profile client to assist in conducting an independent, rigorous and transparent merit-based executive search to identify a suitable candidate for the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The client:

The organisation is currently rebuilding from a damaged reputation, and are undergoing the challenges of transitioning from a regulatory environment into a non-regulated commercial environment.

The brief:

The company was looking to appoint an executive that was capable of leading the organisation during a ‘Commercialisation transitional period’ as they spilt their operating business from prior regulatory control and needed to prove sustainability over a 5-year period.

The Chief Executive is required to lead, manage and develop a team to enable the day-to-day running of the organisation, including the continuation of regulatory services during the transition period and overseeing the seamless removal of the company’s regulatory functions to a newly established Commission.

The Chief Executive position was created to provide guidance and leadership to their staff on strategies, principles and issues and monitors performance of service delivery against the strategic plan. The role is fully accountable for the commercial validity and integrity of the organisation and consults with the Chairman on issues that may have complex political ramifications.

This appointment required many detailed consultations with the Board, to which we were required to provide appropriate recommendations on suitable candidates.

Watermark’s solution:

Watermark Search International proposed to undertake the appointment for the Chief Executive, applying an executive search methodology, which identified and secured candidates that are recognised as the very best within a specific field. We offered the experience and capability to undertake an international search if desirable to the client.

We augmented the search process with a Media Campaign (print and online) with international reach to attract possible candidates who might fall outside of traditional search targets. This also expanded our reach for executives looking to relocate or return to Australia. In all assignments, we utilise our extensive range of executive sources whom we have relationships with, to help guide us on who they recommend as the best potential candidates for the role.

The outcome:

Although the company is transitioning from a damaged reputation, the search was still able to attract many high-profile candidates for the position. The successful candidate was an experienced and highly recommended Chief Executive.

After a successful appointment of the Chief Executive, Watermark Search recommended the Board also appointed a Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Commercial Officer, to further aid the commercialisation of the company. These recommendations were successful and the quality of the initial Chief Executive search was able to allow the Board to make two further C-Suite appointments inside a nine-week timeframe.

Watermark conducts national and international executive search campaigns on behalf of a wide range of high profile, publicly listed companies, foreign multinational corporations, government entities, and private organisations. We are consequently highly experienced across executive search in most organisational disciplines, functions, and industries. Our reputation for delivery and executing Executive Searches is one that has stood for over 40 years.

For more information and media links to the Chief Executive & Deputy Chief Executive announcement please call Adam Neyenhuys on (02) 9233 1200.