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Tips for Networking as an Interim Executive

I specialise in finding opportunities for executives who choose a Portfolio Career. These people are NOT looking for a permanent role and because of this, I think the way they network and talk about what they do has some nuances that are worth exploring.

If you are at the next phase of your career and plan to work as a Portfolio Professional then you need to have a clearly defined ‘product offering’. For that to happen your network needs to hear a succinct version of what you do.

What is your thing? What would people you have previously worked with, call up and say, “remember when you did 'X,Y,Z' for the company we worked for? I am at a new company and we need that same thing done – you are the best I know at this”. What is it that you do better than others? What makes you stand out? How can you help your network to help you? You are now the product so you have to get comfortable letting others know what you do and when they should think of you. It needs some granularity and not the broad generalist script that is used when looking for a traditional permanent role.

As the saying goes, “Networking is NOT who you know. It is WHO KNOWS YOU and will actively promote you.”

So to best utilise your network when looking for an Interim gig, and importantly have them actively helping you, then you need a clear and concise narrative of what it is you do better than others.

TIPS for Networking as an Interim Executive

  • Tight script that provides a ‘hook’ for people to remember you

  • Specific not generalist statements that highlight your functional and sector expertise

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