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The future of work

Interim Management Partner, Jacinta Whelan, has her say on a recent article predicting the future of the workforce this year and beyond:

“In Australia, ASX data has the percentage of contingent workers in top 200 companies at 16% in 2016 and predicts that number to increase to 30% over the next three years. So that by 2020 one-third of our labour force will be contingent. This trend suggests Aust is playing ‘catch up’ to USA and Europe which have contingent workers at 40-45% of all workforce. This is not a ‘future of work’ trend it is already here.  Watermark interim pioneered this concept in Australia seven years ago. We have the biggest & best database to assist clients with this increasingly popular way of doing business.”

To discuss this topic or your Interim Management needs further please contact Jacinta.