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The ever-evolving gig economy

Interim Management Partner, Caroline McAuliffe, has her say on a recent article discussing the way the gig economy is changing the modern workforce:

“We are seeing increasing awareness from our clients of the benefits of strategically deploying interim managers in their organisations and are now meeting an ever-rising demand for experienced executives who form part of the ‘gig economy’ at the senior end of the spectrum.

Organisations have become leaner, more matrixed in structure and realising the benefits of a more flexible employment arrangement, such as avoiding obligations like Super, health insurance benefits and payroll taxes (independent contractors aren’t entitled to employer contributions).

They can flex up and down depending on the level of expertise/work required, and deploy a seasoned, skilled person for a short period of time… not a long time… and the independent interim manager enjoys the more flexible working arrangement, an apolitical environment, interesting, challenging work and doing what they are passionate and really very good at…. it’s a win-win for both parties.”

To discuss this topic or your Interim Management needs further please contact Caroline.