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The role of contingent workers

It is good to read that a more positive spin on the future of work is emerging, countering concerns and fear about automation and workforce flexibility eroding opportunities for permanent employment.

We advise our clients and executive interim associates about this more positive take on how the fourth industrial revolution will and already has changed the world of work. It isn’t surprising that voices on the employer side of the equation are least worried about reduced demand for expensive human labour a result of technological change, and most enthusiastic about growing workforce flexibility.

I agree with his statement, “Employers embrace the need to avail themselves of the services of on-demand workers. Many tasks are complex and/or intermittent and so it is a financial absurdity to employ on-going staff equipped for every role the firm requires.” 

We can be a testimony to John Lloyd’s commentary about the myth that contingent work is neither desired nor beneficial. Most of our cohort, the baby-boomers, prefer to work in this manner. They embrace the independence, choice, flexibility and rewards it offers.

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