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Interim Checklist

The growth in the executive interim market means more people are considering this as a way of working. Choosing to work as a Portfolio Professional is a mindset shift. So if the paradigm of the traditional working model no longer appeals or applies to your stage of life and you are at the stage where you are thinking about a Portfolio Career, I welcome you to work through this check list to see if it is right for you:  

  • What is your motivation?

  • What are your channels to market?

  • What is your ‘product’ or key skill/s?

  • Are you an expert in your field; with a background of progressive achievement, demonstrating a clear track record of success, with strong budgetary and people leadership skills?

  • Are you comfortable and able to earn an income that is not consistent or predictable?

  • Have you achieved all your career aspirations?

  • Are you willing and able to leave ego at the door?

  • Can you deliver results through influence and credibility not tenure and title?

  • Have you worked at Board/Executive, or as a senior line or functional specialist, senior management generalist or professional Project Manager/Program Director?

  • Are you flexible on location? Could you commute?

  • Are you tenacious and energetic with a drive to secure a new assignment every six to nine months?

  • Are you consultative and inquisitive, capable of quickly establishing a rapport and building trust?

  • Are you able to sell yourself quickly and confidently in a very short interim recruitment process?

  • Are you comfortable with ambiguity and adapting to different cultures?  

Moving from traditional employment to a Portfolio Career is a stage of life decision. It is not enough to be doing this because you haven’t yet found your next permanent job. The common themes of people who choose Interim as their 'Plan A' are that the kids are grown up, school fees and mortgage are paid and it is okay if I only work six months of the year. Portfolio Professionals have several channels to market and get work from a combination of their own networks, intermediaries or brokers (such as Watermark Interim) and maybe some coaching or Board positions. People may also have other revenue streams from non-career sources such as property, family or hobbies.   

If you had mostly ticks next to your checklist then a Portfolio Career could be right for you. Or as some people realise once going through the checklist - the concept is great but the timing for them is some way off. Many people I talk to are delighted that there is model that fits the next stage of their life and tell us they will aspire to this model in the future but acknowledge for their own circumstances the timing isn’t right.  

The Executive Interim model in Australia is in growth mode. We work with people who it is right for and choose this way of working. I hope this has helped you understand the market better and been of value if you are contemplating the now or future of your career.  Download your copy of the checklist. Visit our Interim section for more information on being an Interim Executive.