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2022 Annual Interim Executive Survey

Welcome to the 2022 Annual Interim Executive Survey!​

Watermark anticipates that Interim Executive will soon become mainstream and agree with one respondent of our survey who commented, “The post-pandemic War for Talent will accelerate recognition of it as one of many acceptable working styles of the future.”

Our survey this year answers questions on:

  • How Interim Executives can help organisations win the War for Talent

  • How leaders are tapping into the alternative workforce to power their organisations

  • How organisations can respond to the current shift in power to the candidate

  • How Interim Executives are helping meet today’s leadership and digital challenges

We also do a deep dive into the Interim Executive market in Australia including the demographics and motivators of people choosing to work this way, the type of work Interim Executives undertake, and the broader macro environment in which they operate as well as the micro drivers of the sectors.

For further insights, please download the full report here.